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Good news, for hanging on to my T4R lol

Well let me start off saying I really really like my 4Runner. There are a few things I don't love about it but here my story to waste time at work and keep me awake....

My 2012 4Runner with 122k miles has stayed with me longer than any other vehicle I have owned in the last 15+ years. For the longest time I would have a different vehicle about every 2 years and at times have 2-3 vehicle at once.
Its been dead reliable only needing brakes twice, yes I'm hard on them, tires twice and i just did the full maintenance service on it...
New plugs
front and rear diff's
trans and transfer case
coolant etc etc
My wife is even amazed I still have as are most of my friends lol. I realllllllly wanted a Raptor before I for the 4Runner but the price was quite more than the 4Runner and the hippie in me didn't want the 11-12mpg everyday.

So fast forward to well when is the new 4Runner coming out....who knows.
When is the new Bronco coming out still waiting and its pretty much solidified its going to only offer the 4cyl Ecoboost and eventually a hybrid...I want neither.

Is there anything fullsize I want....Sequoia? could stay with the Yota quality and what not..but really not a fan.
Newer Expedition...they are huge, make great power - tons of room and look really good TO ME lifted but even used I'm close to 40k, about 3-5k what a used Raptor would cost me.
Not buying a Tahoe...sure as hell aint getting anything Nissan. I'm most def not getting anything car based.

So that means im keeping the 4Runner for at least another 2-3 years lol. So time to start modding it. I'm going to upgrade the front coil overs to the new Toytec's - they will give me the full 3in of lift I need and I have seen good things from them.
I'm going to put new wheels on it - just have to pick something I really want lol.
I'm going to finish and upgrade the audio. Not a fan of the way the double din aftermarket units leave blank space next to the radio, but I'll adjust.
Going to finish the cargo area floor carpet area - personal project I never finished lol.
I may throw a cat-back on it and maybe a sprint booster/pedal commander.

Oh well so ends my sure many others lay awake at night fighting tough issues like these as well lol.
2012 Salsa Red Trail with KDSS
5100's with lift,285/70/17 Duratracs,some extra wattage and speakers in the stereo system.
2003 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 - 20in OE Concepts,MAC Exhaust, soon to be lowered with 3k watts of stereo.
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