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Swapping build to new 4runner questions.

So, my old 2002 4runner was totaled. It slid on snow and ice and flipped on the driver's side. I found a replacement 2002 SR5 in Millennium Silver, pretty much the exact vehicle minus a sunroof.

I am looking to swap my build over and have been trying to work out a sensible order in which to do things. Some are obvious, some are less so.

I know a few of you have embarked on the same type of build swap and I would appreciate any input.

The good news is that most of the mods survived. What makes this a bit touch and go, is that my new 4runner is still my DD. Also, I will be doing most of the work at some of my friend's garages.

At some point, what is left of my old vehicle will go to scrap after I strip it as much as I can. But I plan on swapping the entire rear axle (it has gears and locker) over to the new vehicle. Same with the front diff. Is there another good option besides putting the new 4runner's axle back on the old 4runner that would give it mobility enough to get hauled off?

The plan as I see it now:

Some changes

*I will be adding a 1"BL to make life a little easier. I will also be replacing all the old body mounts with new Energy Suspension body mounts.

*Rebuild front Kings with 650# springs and very little preload.

*Upgrade to Rokmen Trail Series Lower Links for 96-02 4Runner.

*Add eimkeith PCK to rear. PCK (Panhard Correction Kits) –

*Add my TC spindle gussets that I have been sitting on for a few months.

Some Maintenance

*New LBJs

*New OTR


*New rear Tokico Black LC shocks.

*New Radiator looking at Koyo NEW ALUMINUM Koyo Radiator for 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner - VH010665N

or just get another Denso from Taiwan.

*Eventually TB job once I get all the other crap sorted.

On to the swap

Some items should be too easy. They are the same year, so there shouldn't me much in the way of surprises in year of 4runner variations I have to deal with.

Easy direct swap parts:
*HID Headlights, Supertones horns, Trans radiator, Rear mounted ARB twin air compressor (whole rear interior cargo panel should be able to be discoed from air lines / power controller wiring and snapped into new vehicle.)

Meat and Potatoes portion of the swap. (cutting, welding, wrenching)

I have been trying to come up with a good order to do things that will try to keep the new vehicle from too much downtime and prevents me from having to go back and take things apart again.

*Sliders (can get cut off and rewelded in any order after BL is installed.

*Front bumper before suspension and tire/wheel swap. Some cutting, but I can't remember if I had welded front facing bolts out of endcaps for frame during my Shrockworks bumper install. So I am not sure about all might need to be welded on. I need to look at instructions.

*Big job: Swapping rear axle, installing new RLCAs, new RUCA bushings, PCK install, Front diff swap, might try to leave as much connected for swap as I can. (we'll see), delete factory cam tabs, add TC cam tabs, (not fun job), swap front and rear suspension, (Adding spindle gussets ahead of time when front shocks are getting rebuilt) Move TBU brakes and rotors over to new veh. Swap SPC UCAs.... *exhale*

Follow up to big job: Tub job, snorkel, add new 4X Innovations rear bumper for 1" BL, cross fingers and hope that tire carrier swing out goes on without drama, work on any electrical odds and ends / wire routing to get compressor and rear locker up and running.

It's A LOT to think about...

I am just trying to figure out a better solution after my old rig is missing its rear axle front suspension that doesn't involve having to lay it on the ground and drag it out of a friend's workshop.

The strip:

I am trying to figure out what all I want to strip from my old rig. It might be nice to have a spare tranny, interrior parts, (seats, surviving trim), door (well... passenger side anyway) to sell or to keep as back up should I need them in the future.
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2002 SR-5 in Millennium Silver.
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