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Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 132
negusm is on a distinguished road
Fixed my P0440 Evap code too! 2002 SR5 4x4

P0440 Fixed!

I want to start off saying the thread above is great and has a ton of info to get down and dirty with the evap system.

I had the same code that would come and go. I would clear it and sometimes it would come back in a week...sometimes months later. I was putting it off and putting it off, but finally it was coming back reliably.

After much consideration, I just said to heck with it, and decided to replace nearly the whole system. My reasoning is that this is to still be my daily driver for years to come so I'm really loathe to futz with it every other weekend as plastic part after plastic part may go bad over time. I already dropped the tank once for the sender and it was not a fun job and I *REALLY* don't want to deal with dropping the tank again.

I'm grouping things into 2 sections. The gas tank for one and the charcoal canister/fuel filler tube. I recommend just doing everything for the gas tank at once. The filler tube and charcoal canister can be done anytime after.

Part 1!

Parts for the fuel tank. Starred (*) parts are really not needed or you can use standard hose:
Check Valve 		77390-35010 	1 	$48.58 <- Often the problem.
Gasket - check valve 	77177-33010 	1 	$10.36 <- Cracks and can leak.
Cut-Off Valve 		77380-26010 	1 	$11.15 <- Cheap but probably never breaks.
Gasket - cut off 	77179-26011 	1 	$2.20  <- Deteriorates.  Replace.
Tube, Fuel Suction 	77203-35660 	1	$94.15	<- You get a new vent sensor with this.
Sending Unit 		83320-35620 	1	$87.91 <- They go bad.  Just replace it.
Fuel Pump Kit (Denso)	950-0100 	1	$87.43 <- 250k miles on it.  Time to replace.
*Fuel Filler Hose 	77213-35360 	1 	$39.07 <- Check for damage.
*Fuel Pump Cushion 	23249-74610 	1 	$9.24 <- Does not wear much.
*Breather Tube 		77394-35010 	1 	$9.05 <- Use standard fuel hose.
*Hose 			77259-35330 	1 	$9.96 <- Standard hose will work.
*Fuel Pump Tank Seal 	77169-60010 	1	$12.28 <- Not needed if you get 77203-35660.
So let's do some totals.
Total fuel tank parts I spent: $421.38
Total fuel tank parts I'd recommend: $341.78

This will replace EVERYTHING to do with the blasted fuel tank. There is literally nothing on the tank that isn't replaced at this point.

One thing to note! The Evap Sensor that is connected to the Fuel Suction Tube:

Is $200 from Toyota! BUT BUT BUT! If you buy the ENTIRE fuel suction assembly, you get it as part of the assembly!

So by buying the fuel suction assembly for $94, you get not just the metal structural piece but also:
NEW Evap sensor.
NEW Evap sensor gasket and yellow clip.
NEW electrical connection and gasket for the pump and sender connection.
NEW plastic fuel hoses and red clip.
NEW Fuel Suction Assembly Gasket.

IMHO, totally worth the $94.

I also replaced all the connecting hoses. Make sure you get the correct metric sizes 6mm or 8mm from your favorite store. I don't like using "whatever" fits. Again...I *REALLY* don't want to deal with this for like 15 more years.

If I had to make a prediction, it was the 77177-33010 check valve gasket. It was dried and cracked all over. Everything else I replaced had no visible signs of wear/damage except for the rubber hoses going to the charcoal cannister/fuel filler. The ends had some cracks but the connection is long so I doubt they were leaking. Regardless, they got replaced.

Last note. Tools and materials:

I got some vacuum grease from Amazon and used it on all hose connections. Expensive but it works great. You need this to install the big black check valve and its gasket properly. Use it on the other connections so that if you need to disconnect again for some reason, the hoses come off easily. Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease Lubricant 2oz (57g): Industrial & Scientific

Hose clamp pliers and hose pliers. These changed my life. They break hoses free and remove them so easily in super tight spaces. The clamp pliers open the clamp and hold it open for moving it to where you need it on the hose.

GEARWRENCH 3 Pc. Double-X Hose Grip Plier Set - 82107 - -
Drake Off Road 4502 Hose Clamp Pliers Set - 2 Piece - -

PART 2 coming up!
2002 4Runner 4WD SR5 - Original Owner

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Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 132
negusm is on a distinguished road
negusm negusm is offline
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 132
negusm is on a distinguished road
Part 2!

So, next I was going to deal with really the only other two areas under the car that would cause an evap leak. The charcoal cannister and its mess of hoses. The filler pipe and its connections.

Parts for the fuel fill tube and charcoal canister:
Filler Cap 		77300-53010 	1 	$21.45 <- Often the culprit.
Grommet, Screw 		90189-06212 	4	$4.12 <- You will break most of them.
Vapor Canister 		77740-35482 	1 	$297.57 <- All hoses were cracked and suspect.
Hose Sub-Assembly Fuel 	77404-35010 	1 	$24.31 <- Flimsy.  Buy a new one.
*Filler Pipe 		77201-35700 	1 	$183.06 <- Inspect and test vent tubes.
*Fuel Pocket Seal 	77391-14020 	1 	$2.01 <- Not needed.
*Ring 			77391-35010 	1 	$2.72 <- Not needed.
*Filler Pipe Shield 	77291-35060 	1 	$34.06 <- Not needed.
So let's do some totals.
Total for parts I spent: $569.30
Total for parts I'd recommend: $347.45

Again, I went overboard with the parts.

Toyota does sell a gas cap seal/grommet so you can try that route instead of a whole new cap as it's a little cheaper and you can always just replace the cap later.

The Vapor Cannister and its myriad of hoses, etc, is an absolute mess:

Once I had my old one out, I feel good about plunking down $300 to replace it. The contents rattled around inside unlike the new one. Every last hose had cracks in them and they would ALL need replacing. Also, I'd have to spend time troubleshooting the valves, etc. to make sure they worked and they looked beat. By the time I got a new canister, replaced the hoses, what would I save? $150? It's just not worth my time.

The filler tube was a different story.

It is mostly metal except for one piece near where the gas cap goes. I can't see it going bad, but maybe there could be some leakage where the green tube is pushed into the grey plastic (see picture). I would remove this unit from the car, inspect it for issues. Then remove that green tube, grease it with vacuum grease and reinsert. This is not super hard to change out if it winds up being the issue. Older 4runners I don't think have this or at least they have a few less tubes.

The other parts I bought that I didn't need was the fuel pocket and its two metal rings that hold it in place. Oh well. I thought it may need to seal something. The fuel pocket with new gas cap looks awesome though!

Part 3 coming up!
2002 4Runner 4WD SR5 - Original Owner
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Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 132
negusm is on a distinguished road
negusm negusm is offline
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 132
negusm is on a distinguished road
Part 3!


I spent:

$421.38 + $569.30 = $990.68 + shipping.

I should have probably spent:

$341.78 + $347.45 = $689.23

Well, all new parts. Should make her reliable for a bunch of years, I hope.

Tips on working on the gas tank.

Remove the spare tire.
Put the rear up on jack stands with the stands on the frame as high as you can get them.
Remove the driver's rear wheel.
Let the rear axle down (unload the rear springs).
This allows much more space above the axle to get tools/hands in there.

In addition I bought a $150 harbor freight transmission jack which helped lift and lower the tank.

Disconnecting the flexible hose at the charcoal canister is way way easier than at the check valve on the tank.

For the fuel filler tube, i found that I could NOT remove it unless I removed the fuel pocket rubber boot AND the charcoal canister. Once those were out, I could rotate/push and pull it enough to get it by the small bracket in the wheel well that holds it in place.

One last item.

I broke the plastic pipe clamp that holds the pipes from the gas tank to the charcoal cannister and mounts to the body. This clamp is just front of the rubber hoses from the charcoal canister. TOYOTA no longer sells it. So I designed and made one and 3D printed it! I just used a body push pin to hold it to the body. Works great!

3D design Clamp Fuel Tube W G - Toyota (77285-35440) | Tinkercad

One last last item.

Put a full tank into her. Drove her around for a few days and checked the ECU and she had no codes and says she was ready for emissions testing. So that's what I did. She passed!
2002 4Runner 4WD SR5 - Original Owner

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