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JPOVS 03-06-2018 04:55 PM

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I use a Stihl 201TC with a 16 bar. What I carry it in is a Stanley tool box that has a o-ring that keeps in the smells for when I store it in the cab, and keeps the weather out for when its on the roof. I can fit all the necessary tools, safety gear, gas, and oil inside too. Also the removable tray that sits along the inside top I cut down in length to clear the hand brake.
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Ogre75 01-04-2021 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by DesertCanyons (Post 2927363)
Occasionally I transport my chain saw up to a friend's cabin for tree trimming and clearing work. I have a 24" Stihl that I bought the carry box for. I keep the saw inside the truck. I carry a one gallon gas jug, a pre-mix jug for mixing fuel and the various oils on top in a crate that I tie down. I don't want gas cans or oils inside the vehicle.

I have a Baja Rack flat utility rack that I tie things down to. The main problem with the Toyota roof rack is that anything you tie down on top sits directly on the roof paint. As things move around on rough roads the top gets scratched. There are ways to work around that, like putting stuff on boards that span between roof rack rails or putting pads down below boxes and hard stuff. Cardboard makes a decent pad, but it's not going to last if it rains.

Generally, you should be running your chain saw dry between uses because old gas in the carburetor is not good for these two stroke engines. If you do, the saw will not be full of fuel when it's inside your car. I dump my unused saw fuel back into a pre-mixed fuel can and then run it for a minute to empty the carburetor.

Only problem with running things dry is that if stored over time, the orings can dry out and deteriorate, then when you add fuel and run again, they can leak.

702tripgen 01-04-2021 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by Jetboy (Post 2921902)
I bought one of these 20v versions for about $100 around black friday. With two 9ah 60v batteries that I already have for my cordless tools - it's amazing how much the little saw will cut. I'm probably going to sell my little stihl ms170 that was my camp saw. If you're cutting all day - the gas saw is by far the better choice. If you need to clear a log or two - the cordless saws are the answer. No mess (It does use chain oil). No noise. No smell. No hassle with starting. And while they're kinda $ if you don't already have batteries, they're cheaper than most gas saws by the time you add a gas can, a case, roof rack to store it outside the car. And it weighs next to nothing.


I second the Dewalt 20V chainsaw, the thing is amazing! I bought an extended Oregon bar/chain combo for it but haven't even installed it yet because the stock setup has worked for the little jobs I have used it for.

Direwolf82 01-07-2021 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by Ogre75 (Post 3587303)
Only problem with running things dry is that if stored over time, the orings can dry out and deteriorate, then when you add fuel and run again, they can leak.

Pretty much every lawn guy and 2 cycle repair place I know of all say run it dry before storing. I've been doing that for years with all my stuff and never had an issue, including my ancient homelite super 2 and that thing might be older than I am.

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Drobs 01-07-2021 11:50 AM

Get yourself a set of LFD crossbars. Helluva lot cheap than a full roof rack. Can be turned into a full roof rack at a later date.

LFD Off Road - Ruggedized Crossbar 5th Gen

I have 3 of these steel crossbars plus the wind fairing.

I really only use 2 of the 3 bars.

Hyde802 01-07-2021 12:28 PM

Something like this? SawHaul Complete Kit for Polaris(R)

Those electric saws are pretty cool. Used one a few weeks ago and now Im sold.

4Runnergenius 01-07-2021 12:58 PM

i have a friend who swears by stihl chainsaws, and i have to admit, he may be right about them. i second what others have said just find a carry box for it. just keep things simple and all together.

jasonbach 01-11-2021 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by nb rob (Post 2922043)
it's not what you asked,
but i carry mine inside the 4runner for a lot of trips. I use the husqvarna powerbox,
and it fits extra fuel, bar oil, ear protection, gloves, files, scrench, and a small axe.

this is the way.

Morse34 01-14-2021 01:23 PM

I bought one of these 20v versions for about $100 around black friday

Flyer 01-28-2021 04:18 PM

Some good ideas here. If I used a gas chainsaw, I'll fabricate a nice/safe mod for it somewhere outside. I do carry one but I use the battery-powered Milwaukee chainsaw and carry two huge batteries. I have used it many times now and it is phenomenal for a battery powered saw. I also carry a very large hand saw that folds. I have never had to use the hand saw. If in a group, there will be couple of folks carrying gas saws too....usually inside the vehicle. I'd rather not.

Wild Thing 01-29-2021 07:02 PM

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For the trail? Yep, as well as for hunting and camping trips.
Multiple sized Huskies to choose from for a husky guy.

The one for the road carried in either an aforementioned Husqvarna Powerbox
that one came in or a dedicated long plastic tub. I like the latter better
because my saws're well used and get/remain filthy with oil, grease, wood
and dirt. Best to keep it well contained.

But hell, it's old hat for me...
I have to carry one just to get through my property!

Dan23 07-07-2021 05:39 AM

Love the SawHaul for Polaris or tractors. No easier way to protect chainsaws. You can spend half a day building your own chainsaw carrier for vehicles or just buy a quality unit and get it delivered asap!

RichinRidgewood 07-10-2021 11:43 AM

Stihl has nice carry cases. I drain the fuel and run my 029 Super and MS180 dry. I keep them in the basement in cases and they don't smell. You could carry a quart of premix in a well sealed steel/aluminum can and only fill the chain saw up when you need to do cutting.

CutthroatSlam 07-21-2021 10:17 AM

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Son got me this 18v cordless Milwaukee 16" with 12 amp hour battery for stealth use on trees downed in the river blocking my drift boat. It works quite well. I also have an Echo Timber Wolf 20" for Montana home and a Stihl Farm Boss 20" for the Fullerton home.

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Drobs 07-21-2021 01:13 PM

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I'm looking for a bigger electric chainsaw. I brought my older DR battery operated chainsaw for a trail cleanup we did a few months back. It works on small stuff.

We had a guy along with a gas powered Stihl that took care of the big stuff. A wind storm the day before had huge trees blocking the main road where we trail ride.

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