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jafrush 10-04-2019 10:35 AM

New sub forum!
First thread for our new sub forum! I've copied this introduction from our thread in the 5th Gen forum.

A lot of you guys have heard of us by now. Were LFD Off Road.

A little history: I bought my 4Runner Trail in January of 2016, immediately put on some KO2s, and thought that was the end of my mods. Maybe Id want a roof rack one day. I said the same words many here before have uttered, Im only going to use the 4R on some forest roads, nothing hard core. I then took a 4wd 101 class with UORTC here at Uwharrie (which has since become a part of OEX), got bitten by the off road bug after that class, and thus began the journey to today.

Our parent company is an industrial machinery manufacturer, and we also have a fabrication division. Were celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, so were actually not a start-up or new company, Off Road is just a new division. We are new at the business to consumer market though, since all our previous work was business to business.

Anyways, late one evening following that 4wd 101 class, I began making my own parts for my 4R in the fab shop. People in the local 4R groups (you C4R-ORG guys are mainly to blame) started seeing the parts I made, and begin asking if they could buy some as well. After talking with our owner, we got the blessing to begin the Off Road division, hired some more Toyota off road enthusiasts, converted a few others to the Toyota side, and things started taking off from there!

Thanks to the resources of the parent division, we have our own fiber laser, press brake, robotic welder, and a full staff of engineers at our disposal. We design, cut, bend, and weld everything in-house. The only operation we dont perform at our plant is powder coating. The below panoramic image is just the back half of the plant, showing the CNC machinery where the magic happens!

To date weve made a slew of parts for 5th Gen 4Rs, 4th Gen 4Rs, 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma, 80 and 100 Series Land Cruisers, Lexus GXs, Tundra, a couple Jeeps, and are actively working on a lot more!

gdvan01 11-08-2019 10:05 AM

Lots of good info here as well for anyone interested in jumping on the LFD bandwagon:

The LFD Off Road Thread


Anand 11-10-2019 11:41 PM

:hello: woohoo! a new sub forum! It's about time all these products got more visibility!

JP421 11-26-2019 09:16 AM

Does your wind fairing only fit your crossbars?

Syr4RinNC 11-28-2019 12:54 PM

Where are you located? Do you allow local pick up instead of shipping?

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