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Zorrota 03-24-2020 05:15 PM

1996 Tacoma-Question re transmission/rpm.
So I picked up a little gem of a Taco. Underused for a few years since the gentleman died but in decent shape.
This thing is so plain it doesn't even have a trip meter and the (inop) cruise control looks like aftermarket or maybe a dealer add-on. Manual windows, minimal gauges, 2.4L engine and auto trans. 2WD, extended cab and black in color.
It doesn't have a tach but I have a plug-in dongle and after monitoring things I have a Q about the transmission and rpm at speed.
At 65 mph I'm sitting around 2450 rpm and when I accelerate the rpm jumps some (maybe 50-75 rpm) before it actually registers a speed increase. It acts like an older trans without the locking converter. It's not like a disengaging lockup, more like normal fluid drive slippage. Also I can't feel or hear a definitive lockup when driving.
I would think it has a lockup converter so: Is this normal rpm at this speed and is this rpm change without corresponding speed change normal?
No warning lights or anything, seems to run good, has no trouble cruising over 70 and has been getting 20-21 mpg.
Thoughts appreciated.

Boort 03-25-2020 12:12 AM


Can't help you much with the auto on the 2.4L other than to say: The gauges in my '97 are NOT the old school reliable gauges I expected, but idiot lights made to look like gauges. Using the Scanguage II I can see that various things that the cluster tells me are more or less BS. the car knows what is up but lies to the driver for reasons unknown. The Temp gauge is the worst showing dead normal middle of the range while the temp is just shy of overheating.


Zorrota 03-27-2020 03:29 PM

Boort thanks for the note. And I hear ya about inaccuracy of factory gauges.
I did find an answer to my issue though. Shoulda used Google-Fu more. Seems I have the A43D transmission that doesn't have a torque converter lockup feature. Simple enough.

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