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DenverAirport will become famous soon enough
Stolen - My 4runner (RECOVERED)

EDIT: My 4runner has been found. Huge thanks to everyone who shared / posted pics and to everyone who has given me big advice moving forward. Going to check out the truck in the next few days after inspection (my insurance company is having it inspected)

Hey all.

First off if this post needs to be moved to a different forum let me know.

But I wanted to reach out to this community in regards to my 4runner which was stolen Wednesday evening from my apartment building's "secure" garage in Portland. I know people here are from around the country (and world) but I also know this car had about 9 hours to drive in any direction before a police report was filed and there's a chance it could be out of Oregon at this point (or more likely ditched somewhere in Oregon I have yet to find.)

This truck was my life during the past two years and I can't thank you all enough for how much you've taught me in both car mechanics and Toyota elitism LOL. These have been two very difficult years for many reasons but learning about these trucks has been a huge support for me in otherwise brutal times. We've had quite the journey: From blowing my headgasket driving in the Santa Cruz mountains during the worst fire in America's recorded history to driving off road in Moab for the first time, you guys were all here for me. I could really go on forever on the sentimental value of the truck to me but as many of you know in cases of damage & theft, there's a potential for huge financial loss on trucks like these as well.

Here are details that stand out in relation to my truck both to look out for if these parts / accessories pop up anywhere:

'97 4runner Limited - 4WD
  • Red with grey cladding
  • ~251,000 miles
  • Oak leather interior
  • Cracked left tail light
  • Torn left CV boot (lol)
  • Billstein 5100's - 3" lift with OME coils.
  • Prinsu roof rack
  • Rotopax mounted and locked to roofrack
  • 2 x Pelican 1600 cases
  • Dewalt mechanic's socket set
  • Smittybilt air compressor
  • Patches stuck on headliner from every park / state I've visited in the truck

Now here are the rest of the details that may be a little less relevant to spotting the truck that I'm going to post since I never made a proper "build" thread for my truck.
  • Red with grey cladding
  • ~251,000 miles
  • Oak leather interior, power seats
  • 3" lift with Billstein 5100's, OME 881, 890 coils.
  • Diff drop
  • Tom Wood's driveline
  • 231mm Tundra brake upgrade with black Napa calipers
  • Five star OEM 4runner wheels from a 2000, powdercoated grey
  • 265/75/16 Duratrec Wranglers
  • Camburg UCA's
  • eimkeith Panhard Correction
  • Basically every major part of the suspension replaced with new OEM parts n the last two years. New UBJ and LBJ's, new driveshaft, new sway bar links, etc. Only thing I didn't get to do was the LCA bushings (I have some poly bushings but haven't had the time)
  • Champion Radiator
  • Magnaflox Catback Exhaust (Overland)
  • Ultragauge mounted near headunit
  • Spiker phone mount with Moment MagSafe mount
  • Sony XAV-AX200 Headunit
  • Prinsu roof rack
  • Rotopax w/ Prinsu locking mount
  • 2 x Pelican 1600 cases with recovery and mechanics tools. I'd mount these on the roof using this method: (How to mount a Pelican case to your roof rack without drilling through the base! - YouTube)
  • Smittybilt air compressor
  • This list could go on forever

Anyways folks, I don't wish to bring harm to the likely poor / desperate person who stole my truck (I'm also not going to lie and say I'm okay with my building management's handling of anything though.) I just want to get my truck back if possible.

One big thing I learned from this is I'm never going without a GPS tracking device in a car ever again. Airtags have some limitations but that's a good start.

I appreciate your time and the support I've already received from @ TimmyTheToolman, YotaTrader and their respective communities.


99' SR5 "Highlander Edition" - 301k - 4WD, Factory rear locker, 2.5" Dobinsons IMS lift, SPC UCAs, CJV 9168 TR axles, 199mm TBU, Tom Wood's driveshaft, eimkeith PCK, Aluminum Koyorad, Ultragauge

97' Limited - 250k - Stolen & Found (and Sold) - 4WD, 3" Billstein 5100 lift with OME 881, 890 springs, Diff drop, Camburg UCA's, 231mm TBU, Tom Wood's driveshaft, eimkeith PCK, Champion radiator, Ultraguage

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